Unlocking the potential of known therapeutic gases with novel oral liquid medicines.

Our Technology Platform

Therapeutic medical gases have the potential to address a wide spectrum of diseases, but have been limited by inhaled delivery, which for conscious patients is inaccurate in dosing, potentially unsafe, and highly intrusive.

Hillhurst’s GLASS technology platform is designed to address the challenges of inhaled gases by enabling liquid delivery of therapeutic gases to ensure accurate dosing without risk of unwanted inhalation or environmental contamination.

With our GLASS platform (Gas in Liquid Advanced Stability System), we create liquid drug products containing appropriate concentrations of the targeted therapeutic gas, with uptake through either the gastrointestinal system or intravenously. Combining known therapeutic gases with our proprietary technology, we produce novel liquid medicines designed to effectively and accurately deliver therapeutic molecules, expanding the clinical applications of therapeutic gases.

Gas in Liquid Advanced Stability System

  • Focus on disease areas where strong evidence of the benefit of known therapeutic gases already exists
  • Prioritize indications where a liquid therapeutic may provide substantial advantage over inhaled therapy
  • Expeditiously progress top candidates through preclinical studies and into focused clinical trials in defined patient populations using a biomarker-guided approach